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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

EXHIBITION of Work by Master of Architecture students, QUB

PS², 11 North Street, Belfast, BT1 1NA

viewing on Wednesday 21st December 6-8pm


Farming produces waste like other industries. Not just shapeless carrots or pumpkins passed Halloween, but by-products such as used animal bags or farmers twine. This difficult-to-recycle waste material is now the material and subject of practical, spatial design proposals by architecture students from Queen's University, Belfast

Three groups of Masters of Architecture students at Queen’s University show the outcomes of their material investigation. They present an alternative approach to architecture- finding the spatial story of a material through intimate scrutiny, trial and application. The hope is that it leads to a tighter fit between technology, construction processes and spatial experiences, resulting in less waste, and more sustainable, innovative outcomes. 
This work arises from the Architecture Masters Studio: Without Precedent, led by Professor Ruth Morrow and Architect, Robert Jamison in the School of the Natural and Built Environment, Queen’s University Belfast. 
Opening hours week commencing 19th DecemberTues and Wed, 1-5pm