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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Belfast Martyrium: Collating the Relics of Human Sectarianism | Catherine Howe, Georgina Holden & Jason Stewart

The Belfast Martyrium is an MArch thesis project by Catherine Howe, Georgie Holden and Jason Stewart (University of Liverpool). The project has now been nominated to the RIBA Presidents Medal 2013 to be exhibited in September. The group explain the Belfast Martyrium below....

Although seemingly ordinary, relics from sectarian cities each hold distinct narratives and as unique physical artefacts become markers of time, charting the history of a population. How can these, contentious, potentially vexing objects, be brought together without diluting their narrative and allow their investigation through cultural and educational analysis. By collating martyred objects, how can they be preserved without creating shrines at their archived location, perpetuating further violence and tension? Belfast is a city synonymous with sectarianism for which it attracts global, political and media attention, exemplified by the recent flag protests’ broadcast across the world. 

The Belfast Martyrium. Copyright: Catherine Howe, Georgie Holden &
Jason Stewart (MArch Thesis Group, University of Liverpool).

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

What To Do With An Architecture Degree

By PLACE Volunteer Emma Campbell 

Those who have completed a degree in architecture owe it to themselves to reassess their career decisions.

Image: Taken from ‘Working out of Box’ segment on Igor Siddiqui
an Architect turned Product Designer. ‘Ripstop nylon prototype’. Link.
Traditionally, Architecture is considered a vocational degree leading to a determined job description as an ‘Architect’. While this is still the case, architecture graduates can and do consider many other career paths. Alas; it is possible! Try not to feel that innate pressure to continue your studies without the knowledge that you are doing it for the right reasons.