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Monday, 8 February 2010

The New Topographics

Top: Massachusetts street, 1974 by Stephen Shore; above, the same scene 30 years later by Valery Denis (images via The Exposure Project)

Examining the impact and influence of the 'New Topographics', a US photography movement that cast a realist eye over sprawling American cities and industry.

Guardian: Beauty in the banal

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

'Public Places' - Best Product stores by SITE

Image via ounodesign

Public Places is a film from the early 1980s about the stores designed for now-defunct American retailers Best Products Co. by SITE (Sculpture in the Environment). The old footage is great, and some of the responses from the public show the often polarising effect of modern architectural ideas. Andrew Lewis, president of Best at the time, discusses this effect:
"If someone takes the time to write me a letter telling me that he doesn't like our building then that someone has done something very unusual in the course of his day - I mean, he's thought about architecture, he's thought about form and function and what our expectations are about commercial buildings, and I take that as our contribution to the community. If it were an easy sales gimmick a whole bunch of people would be doing it - you know, there's a lot of risk in it and there are a lot of less risky ways of promoting sales." - Andrew Lewis, President, Best Products Co.

Part one below:

Parts two, three and four.

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