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Saturday, 12 September 2009

On the Telly

Image: Union Street, Aberdeen from ajs43705 on flickr

Two Three new series by architecture critics have recently started on BBC Two, BBC Four & Channel 4 with Tom Dychoff using examples across the UK to explore various issues of conservation and heritage in Saving Briatin's Past - so far he has visited the city of Bath, the Park Hill estate in Sheffield (mentioned here in reference to another TV programme earlier in the year) and country houses. In the next episode he goes to Covent Garden market.

Saving Britain's Past is available on iPlayer until mid-October - watch it here

Jonathan Meades, meanwhile, is a writer and broadcaster who doesn't seem to mind that he'll have most of his audience reaching for the dictionary at least once every two minutes. His new series Off-Kilter, a three-part tour around Scotland, starts off with Meades praising Aberdeen's "brand new" 300-year old granite buildings. The camerawork and music are an elegant complement to his laconic style.

Jonathan Meades: Off-Kilter will be available on iPlayer until 30th Sept - watch it here

And Kevin McCloud's Grand Tour continues on Channel 4, visiting Paris, Florence, Rome to trace the influence on UK architecture.

Available on 4oD