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Friday, 27 May 2011

A Crack in the Pavement: Growing Dreams

From the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), a short film from 2000 on young peoples' efforts to make their environments greener and more inviting.

From the NFB website:
This short documentary shows initiatives kids take to transform bare pavement into dream schoolyards. Some grow trees for shade, and vegetables for a food bank. Others build a greenhouse or a rooftop garden, while others yet construct a courtyard pond as an outdoor classroom and refuge for wildlife.

A Crack in the Pavement is a two-part video set that shows children, teachers and parents how they can work together to 'green' their school grounds and make positive changes in their communities.

Watch it online: NFB - A Crack in the Pavement (2000, 19 mins)


Green Veins exhibition continues until Tuesday at PLACE: From 17th - 31st May, you can explore a multi-layer, creative mapping installation; an analysis of green space types across Belfast following a "green vein". A unique installation by landscape architect Celia Spouncer is accompanied by an open invite to workshops investigating the "health" of green space in Belfast.