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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Green Veins - Day 1

In this series, landscape architect Celia Spouncer reflects on Green Veins, her installation, research and intervention project which is based at PLACE and ongoing until 31st May.

Part of the Green Veins laboratory - ongoing at PLACE until 31st May.

Greens Veins intends to reflect on the importance of green space and peoples' connection to it in critical changing times in terms of economics, politics, culture and environment changes. There seem to be 2 diverging directions in terms of green planning for Belfast. A strong urbanisation with seemingly little priority for green space or features; and an undercurrent of community interest connecting to role of green space in health, food production, buffering impacts of climate change and emotional and spiritual well being. Cities are urban, so should every corner be manicured and landscaped in a formal manner or is there scope for creativity and innovative ecological planning and design? What is the relevance of green space to young people increasingly disconnected with their surrounds?

Tuesday 17th May: Day 1 at PLACE involved the setting up of a ‘pocket park’ and allotment as part of the ‘green laboratory’ - somewhere for the hard working PLACE staff to relax. Pocket Parks are popular in many urban cities often using derelict corners or sites - sometimes initiated by local communities or local councils. We will include key examples through the Blog site.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Cumberland Lodge Conference on Hope in the Built Environment

A report from the Cumberland Lodge in Windsor on its recent Hope in the Built Environment? conference.
The 2009 Cumberland Lodge conference on architecture and the built environment brought together over sixty participants. The two day programme explored how the built environment is implicated in the major social concerns of the day particularly wellbeing, sustainability and the economic downturn. A range of built environment professions and specialisms were represented amongst the participants: architects, builders, developers, academics and civil servants were present. Six students attended the conference, one an undergraduate and five postgraduates. We were also pleased to have a group of Ambassadors from the Chartered Institute of Building at the event.

Some of the themes under discussion proved highly controversial. The atmosphere was mainly convivial, but in discussion there were sometimes robust differences of opinion. We concluded on the note that we need a clearer sense of shared vision.

Download a full report of the conference via the Cumberland Lodge website here [PDF]

Monday, 13 July 2009

MAG - Raising Expectations

Published last week, Raising Expectations is the first report on the activities of MAG (the Ministerial Advisory Group for Architecture and the Built Environment for Northern Ireland).
The main role of the MAG is to:

  • Advise the Minister on the development and implementation of the Architecture and Built Environment Policy
  • Review progress on key priorities identified by MAG
  • Advise Government on policy implementation
  • Conduct Design Reviews of pre and post planning applications
  • Implement those actions set out in the Policy

The MAG also contributes its expertise in the areas of advocacy, communication, and education.

Download Raising Expectations here [PDF, 419kb]