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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

"A violent assault on our own country"

Writing in the Irish Times last week, Robert O'Byrne claims that the speculative building rush in the years leading to the recession has done irreparable harm both to Ireland's landscape and the country itself:

"We have to pay greater attention to the merits of good design and not merely regard it as an expendable extra. During the boom years many of our local authorities moved into new purpose-built premises designed to such high standards that they won awards. Yet those same authorities made no effort to encourage similar standards of good design in the areas under their jurisdiction. Architects will tell you that members of their profession were uninvolved in the majority of new housing erected during the past two decades. There was no requirement to call on an architect’s services and as a result almost all recent construction work in the domestic housing market is shamefully ugly and a blot on the landscape into which it has been inconsiderately dropped."

Irish Times: Physical fabric of our country left in tatters (5th May)

Facebook: The Irish Georgian Society's page

(Thanks to Rosemary for the link.)

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Off to the Arbeitsamt

With the number of architects claiming benefits rising by 760% in the year to February 2009, Owen Hatherly looks for Soul on the Dole in Building Design (20/03/09).

Meanwhile, Jonathan Glancey looks at the reasons for "a record number of British students...applying to study architecture" in the Guardian (20/03/09).

Guardian: Architect job losses soar as crunch hits construction
Irish Times: Architects, solicitors, IT specialists are part of a new wave of young professionals signing on at social welfare offices
Owen Hatherly's blog: Sit down man, you're a bloody tragedy