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Thursday, 22 November 2012

NI Executive agree to proceed with £98.5m Belfast Rapid Transit system

The Northern Ireland Executive has today endorsed the Department for Regional Development’s Outline Business Case for the Belfast Rapid Transit system. The document identifies the recommended network routes, procurement strategy and business model for Belfast Rapid Transit.


Friday, 23 December 2011

Connecting Places: Bus Rapid Transit - panacea or placebo?

In this series, Connecting Places, we explore the spaces, places and sustainable transport systems in Belfast and beyond, with an aim to generate critical debate on the design of our towns and cities.

Series curated by Aaron Coulter
Article by Aaron Coulter and Gary Potter

The deadline to be involved in the public consultation on Belfast's proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routes is coming to a close on 6th January 2012. The routes and accompanying documentation can be viewed until 6th January in the city centre at Department for Regional Development, and in East and West Belfast at the East Belfast Partnership and West Belfast Partnership respectively.

Transport Minister Danny Kennedy, in outlining the reasoning for the introduction of a BRT system,  states:
"We need a transportation system that can accommodate the future demands of Belfast, both its people and businesses. We need to reprioritise how we travel and change our travel behaviour to encourage a shift away from the private car and towards public transport. By working together we can make public transport, into, within and across Belfast, safer, cleaner and more attractive for everyone."

It would be hard to find fault with the statement above, but as the deadline for public consultation on the proposed routes draws near, one key question comes to the fore: will the BRT be the cure to Belfast's transportation woes?

Bus Rapid Transit - the solution?

Monday, 22 August 2011

Forum for Alternative Belfast 2011 Summer School: Setting the Scene (Part 1 of 4)

This week on the PLACE Blog we will be reporting on last weeks Forum for Alternative Belfast summer school. Part one will focus on the summer school's 'Setting the Scene' event, followed in part two by an analysis of the chosen area of Belfast and in part three the findings and proposals of the summer school will be outlined. Part four will be a report from the presentation delivered by the summer school's guest speaker for the week - Senada Demirovic Habibija (Senior Advisor for Urban Planning, City of Mostar, Boznia and Herzegovina).

Forum for Alternative Belfast (FAB) is a not-for-profit organization launched in 2009 to explore alternative ways that Belfast might be developed. Each summer FAB hold a summer school to explore these some of these alternative options. In the first summer school the ‘Missing City’ map was produced which highlighted the huge areas of land, often in public ownership, which lay empty and un-used. The following year the summer school produced an alternative vision for the York Street Interchange proposal declaring that it is not just a roads scheme but an urban design opportunity. Alongside the successful summer schools FAB is actively involved with other projects and campaigns to unlock the city’s potential. On Monday 15 August the third summer school run by FAB got underway looking at the connection between inner South Belfast and the city centre.