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Monday, 8 December 2014

New Magazine Celebrates Life and Creativity in Northern Ireland

Do you ever feel you want to read more empowering stories in a time of grim predictions for the future of our planet? For positive news in a world where fear sells papers, for slow journalism, for celebrating roots and for supporting sustainable and socially responsible lives, a new magazine is on its way. Freckle magazine is dedicating itself to celebrating the people, landscapes and livelihoods of Northern Ireland and beyond. 

It is about people who are carving out their own stories; a space to tell positive stories, to ask what actually gets people out of bed, and to document and delve into the spirit of our times. The first issue will have articles that explore Northern Ireland’s landscapes, our food system, the concept of belonging, boatmaking, cycling, music, architecture and more: stories of some the most creative and courageous people in Northern Ireland.

The team at Freckle want to make something beautiful for people to read, a print magazine that is part of the conversation asking how we can live sustainably and peacefully in Northern Ireland. And they are not alone. In just over two weeks they have raised over 80% of their crowdfunding campaign to print the first issue, due out in January 2015. 

Check out their Kickstarter page (with a two minute introduction video) and keep an eye on their website for more news in the future.


Kickstarter video:

Monday, 9 June 2014

The 2ha Fundit campaign is now live

2ha is a magazine interested in the suburbs. Last year, the 2ha team ran a successful Fundit campaign which provided the means to publish the magazine's first #6 issues. Since then, 2ha has engaged with architects, artists and academics to disseminate exclusively written or unshared work that both examines and reimagines the spaces which make up our suburban landscapes.

Each issue is formatted in order to explore the phenomenon of suburbia and its relationship to a particular field of study. So far this has included subjects such as photography, public space, history, language, and typology. One aim is to ultimately develop a body of work which may be read individually or as a single piece of investigation.

But there may still be a few more topics worthy of investigation - over the next 12 months, 2ha plans to produce four new editions, on a quarterly basis, in accordance with the following outline of themes and publications:

#07 Suburbia + Cinema
#08 Suburbia + Modernism
#09 Suburbia + Sport
#10 Suburbia + Capital

As a way of funding this project, 2ha has returned to Fundit. The magazine is offering subscriptions, hand-made illustrations and all manner of suburban merchandise for a limited time only.

To get involved and help support this project please visit the 2ha Fundit page here.

Please contact the 2ha team at [email protected] if you have any questions. You can follow 2ha via www.2ha.ietumblr, vimeo and twitter.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

New architecture magazine launched: EDGEcondition

EDGEcondition, a new architecture magazine available online, focuses on those "positioned on the fringe of the formal architecture sector".

EDGEcondition is a new online journal, focused on the "vocation and activity of those positioned on the fringe of the formal architecture sector, publishing thought pieces from those with or without architectural training and who work in the wider built environment sector in a variety of creative, educational and constructive roles."

From the editors:
EDGEcondition aims to stimulate debate and conversation to open up new, shared understandings of the multitude forms of practice we see now that come under an architecture and built environment banner.

The first issue, Seams, focuses on those that work between architecture and other sectors, opening with artwork from architect and associate professor of architecture at the University of Michigan Perry Kulper. Features are from Laura Mazzeo, MUDstudios, talking nonlinear careers; Jenni Barrett, lecturer at UCLan and designer and landscape architect Claire Potter, both giving their perspectives on working in a fluid architectural way; Ronan O’Boyle on the need to rethink skills for graduates; Peter Laurence on urban design and academia and a photo-essay from civil engineer Bruno Tonelli, visually exploring the links between his practice and architecture.

Gem Barton comments: “We had the idea for EDGEcondition when talking about the Architecture Journal Women in Architecture awards. We both consider ourselves to be ‘women in architecture’ but the categories on a surface reading excluded us, and the survey that ran alongside the awards was geared to those in practice.”

Cara Courage continues: “WiA is vital of course, but our question posing made us think of all those work in architecture and the wider sectors around it, those like us that have a portfolio of experience that play with the role and function of architecture - what would the sector look like without us?”

Issue One is available at Issue two, Presenting Architecture, will be published online at the end of June, with subsequent issues focusing on teaching, art and architecture, placemaking, planning and policy.


EDGEcondition Co-Editor Cara Courage recently appeared on the PLACE podcast: listen to the episode here.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

2ha Magazine - Exploring the notion of the suburb

2ha - A recently launched independent journal plans to explore the notion of the suburb and its relationship to fields such as mapping, photography, language and typology. 

There is a value in suburbia the remains overlooked.  
It is a landscape of faded aristocratic homes surrounded by encroaching housing estates.
It is a field where farmyards sit beside shopping centres.
Quotes from:

2ha - Exploring the suburb.

Issue five / suburbia + language - considers the relationship between language and suburban space. Three essays respond to the fractured process of translation that has come to define the territory of suburbia. 

  • Liam Mac Mathúna (Professor UCD) outlines a history of linguistic change in the Dublin area, describing how preceding eras of colonisations and cultures have renamed, subverted and built upon a place and its people. 
  • Emma Geoghegan (architect/lecturer DIT) documents the absence of a vocabulary in both the imagination and critique of space on the urban-rural fringe, suggesting that a consideration of this landscape as an independent territory might begin a means of understanding its unique conditions. 
  • Isobel NÍ Riain (lecturer UCC) reveals how a reading of place-names, in the now suburbanised area of Little Island on the edge of Cork city, can tell of a long history of occupation; one whose built form is often subsumed by the office parks and semi-ds of the immediate present.

To view Issue 05 and all previous issues, or to make a purchase, please visit

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

New magazines in the PLACE Bookshop

Now in stock at the RIBA Bookshop at PLACE:

- The Architects' Journal - weekly - £4.50
- The Architectural Review - monthly - £9.00
- Architectural Record - monthly - £10.95

Don't forget we also stock Perspective, the journal of the RSUA (£4.00 bimonthly; back-issues £2.00 each) and the photography magazine Source (£6.00 quarterly).