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Friday, 5 February 2010

Launch night: The Secret Laboratory

Thanks to everyone who came along to the launch of Notebooks And Narratives: The Secret Laboratory. Pictures below by Amberlea (give them a click to enlarge)

The covers come off


View along the cabinets

Niall O'Hare (left, exhibition design & build) and Paul Clarke (exhibition curator) take a last minute check of the installation

First visitors

The crowd builds...

...and builds

Paul gives an introduction to the exhibition to the visitors

PLACE thanks Paul, Niall, the UU team and all the architects whose work is on show for their hard work putting the exhibition together, Colm for his wizardry with electrics and Sara and Eimear, our volunteers, for making the launch night a success!

The exhibition runs until Sat March 27th. Pay us a visit at 40 Fountain Street!

Friday, 5 June 2009

FAB launch night and Late Night Art at PLACE

Forum for Alternative Belfast launch night at the Black Box

Mark Hackett, of Hackett Hall McKnight and the Forum for Alternative Belfast, introduces the concept of the Grey Doughnut at last night's launch - photo by Amberlea Trainor

Last night saw the PLACE-sponsored launch of the Forum for Alternative Belfast at the Black Box in Belfast's Cathedral Quarter. The launch saw a great turnout, with presentations on the Forum's key areas of interest by its members, followed by a discussion panel led by Shane O'Toole.

More on the Forum from the BBC News site:

"We feel there are a lot of vacant sites left close to the city centre, and we need to concentrate on rebuilding that centre and its connections to the wider communities where people live.

"You've still got a city centre which is pretty empty at night, and even with 15 years of boom we haven't solved problems like the Westlink - it divides the city from its city centre.

"We're talking about simple things.

"A city doesn't feel safe if you're walking past a vacant site, especially at night, and that's still the characterisation of much of Belfast city centre," he said.

The Forum has a number of short-term projects which they think could change aspects of the city.

• Give incentives to developers to redevelop Garfield Street in order to link North Street to Royal Avenue

• Redevelop North Street arcade to link Donegall Street to the city centre

• Take down the wall which cuts through Berry Street (beside Castlecourt) to link the square in front of Kelly's Cellars more openly to Royal Avenue

• Have a city centre-wide speed limit of 20mph

BBC News: Imagining a new vision of Belfast

Late Night Art at PLACE: Non-Iconic Mackintosh and Robin Cordiner

Gordon Ash of Keppie Design introduces the Non-Iconic Mackintosh exhibition for the Late Night Art tour group - photo by Amberlea Trainor

Meanwhile, back at PLACE we had Late Night Art for June, with an introduction to the Non-Iconic Mackintosh exhibition by Gordon Ash of Keppie Design, and the launch of weePLACE003 - a selection of prints by Belfast artist Robin Cordiner: more on those projects from the PLACE website.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Late Night Art: Thursday 5th March 6 - 9pm

The Girli Concrete/Tactility Factory Fabrication exhibition is on show for tonight's Late Night Art @ PLACE, from 6 - 9pm.

The exhibition was also featured on this morning's Good Morning Ulster on BBC Radio Ulster: if you missed it you can listen again on the BBC's iPlayer for the next seven days. Rosy Billingham's interview with Trish Belford (above) starts around 1 hour 58 minutes in. You can also read an accompaniment piece to the interview on the BBC News website here.