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Thursday, 31 May 2012

The sun going down on the Orpheus Building

Image copyright Ben Groves, 2012

We received this photo from Ben Groves, a student at University of Ulster. Ben writes:
The photo was from one of those unexpected moments. I was working late one evening in my studio on E floor of the Orpheus building on York Street. When I walked into the foyer, the sun was setting and it made me think how close I was to finishing my time at University. It seemed to be a poignant image as I was aware that the building's future was in doubt due to the planned redevelopment.
Have you photographed a favourite place, or captured a special architectural moment? Send your images to [email protected] to be featured here on the Blog.

And if you're really into photography and architecture - consider joining our Flickr Group: Northern Ireland's Best Places and Buildings, featuring the work of 101 members, and currently standing at over 1,700 photos.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Green Veins on Flickr

Celia Spouncer has been travelling far and wide in her investigation of the health of green space in Belfast.

Cooking up a soup (c) green veins belfast on Flickr

You can see some of her adventures on Flickr: click here.

Green Veins continues at PLACE until 31st May.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Some favourites from our Flickr group

Our Flickr Group, Northern Ireland's Best Places and Buildings, showcases work by photographers from across NI. Here's a few of our favourite recent additions!

Castlerock, tilt-shifted into miniature! (jonypatterson)

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Love Photography? Love Architecture? Join the PLACE Flickr Group!

PLACE is seeking your images of the best buildings, townscapes and public spaces across Northern Ireland. Our new Flickr group is a showcase for Northern Ireland's Best Places and Buildings.

Whether you're a photographer, an architect or an interested amateur, we're looking for your images from across Northern Ireland of where you see quality in our built environment.

Some of the best photographs may be selected by PLACE for its promotional materials, such as the regular seasonal brochure, one-off publications and the website*.

New to Flickr?
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Already a Flickr user?
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*PLACE will contact Flickr users for permission if we are interested in using an image; unfortunately we cannot offer any payment for using these images but the photographer, and architect, where applicable, will be credited. You will need to be the original owner of the image or have permission to use it.