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Thursday, 11 June 2009

"Gone but not forgotten"

The Tricorn Centre in Portsmouth, demolished in 2004 - image from chrispursey on Flickr

The BBC reports on a new "support group for bereaved architects".

The Rubble Club aims to draw attention to the number of buildings it believes are being torn down unnecessarily:

Rubble Club Secretary John Glenday said: "People often don't notice architecture until it is gone, and they wake up one morning to find a big hole where there was once a building.

"But at the end of the day demolition is usually the least environmentally friendly option.

"When you consider the energy that has being expended putting something up, it is usually well worth the time thinking about whether it is sensible bringing it down."

The club has some criteria for entry:

The building's architect must be alive and not party to its destruction, and the building must be built with the intention of permanence, meaning exhibitions, shops and interiors are not eligible.

Finally, the building must be deliberately destroyed or radically altered, and so cannot simply burn down, for example.

BBC News: Support for 'bereaved' architects
Organisation website: The Rubble Club