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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Consultation: Draft Belfast City Council City Centre Regeneration Strategy & Investment Plan

There is just over one month left to have your say and help shape the emerging Belfast City Council City Centre Regeneration Strategy & Investment Plan.

The strategy is being developed by Urban Strategies for Belfast City Council. The strategy considers market and economic analysis of the city centre’s office market and retail offer, as well as priorities for tourism development and job creation. The strategy also considers issues such as pedestrian access, street furniture, tree planting, parks, bridges, car parks and city events.

It is intended that the strategy will influence the future local development plan for Belfast and direct how new regeneration functions the Council will acquire in April 2016 will be utilised. 

Download: Urban Strategies’ Belfast City Centre Initial Directions Paper (PDF - 5.7MB)

Download: Belfast City Centre Regeneration Strategy and Investment Plan (PDF - 10MB)

Consultation responses can be returned to Belfast City Council via email - [email protected]. Deadline for responses is Wednesday 28 May 2015.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

What I learned from the FAB Summer School 2012

Anna Skoura works with the Forum for Alternative Belfast and is a contributor to the PLACE Blog. She reports on the Forum's recent Summer School, "Re-stitching the city" held at Belfast City Hall from 13th-17th August.

The Forum for Alternative Belfast (FAB) 2012 Summer school took place two weeks ago (13-17 August) in the City Hall. The event was organised in collaboration with the East (EWPB) and West Belfast Partnership Boards (WBPB). The theme was “Re-stitching the city” and its primary goal was to address the very poor connection of the city centre with East and West Belfast. This is the fourth FAB Summer school, after 2009 which resulted to the "missing city map", 2010 which focused on North Belfast and 2011 on South Belfast. It followed the same structure: presentations for the first two days, public consultation on Tuesday and Wednesday evening and workshops during the rest of the week.
Photo by David Bunting
The organisers along with Belfast’s governmental and community bodies (Belfast City Council, East and West Belfast Partnership boards, Department for Social Development (DSD), Department of Environment (DOE), Department for regional Development (DRD)) presented their views and future projects related to the study areas.

Right from the start, it was interesting to see the distinctive approach that East and West Partnership representatives held during their opening presentations. Maurice Kinkead (CEO of EBPB) in an optimistic manner highlighted the positive impact of the Partnership’s recent activity in certain areas of East Belfast, while Geraldine McAteer (WBPB), very concerned, underlined West Belfast’s challenges and most urgent needs. Regarding the presentations given by the different Departments, the lack of a comprehensive vision for the city’s future and the lack of inter-departmental collaboration becomes evident. Sadly, clashing projects are sometimes the result.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Belfast City Council: My City, My Neighbourhood survey

City Council is inviting Belfast residents to submit their views on what the priorities for the city should be in its Corporate Plan for 2011 - 2015.

We are in the process of preparing our new Corporate Plan for 2011- 2015. This is our key strategic planning document and sets out the vision and priorities for the city.

We need the views of people from across Belfast to make sure the priorities in the plan reflect what you think are the most important things we should be doing.
Why should you take part in this survey?

As a council, we are committed to improving the quality of life of everyone who lives, works and studies in Belfast as well as those who visit and invest in our city. This is your opportunity to tell us:
- what you like about your local area
- what would make it better
- what you thin our priorities for your area and the city should be.

Your feedback will help us to get a clearer sense of the things which are important and help us improve our services across all of Belfast's neighbourhoods with a real focus on value for money.

Find out more and fill in the survey on the Belfast City Council website.