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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Polish Cultural Week at PLACE

PLACE will host an exhibition by photographer Julia Atkinson as part of Polish Cultural Week 2009.

Blueprint: Architects in Transit.
This body of work portrays young Polish architects ‘on the move’ through derelict landscapes within Queen’s Island, captured through the passenger window of a moving car. These professional figures offer a glimpse into the recent Diaspora of Polish architects living and working in Belfast, contributing to the mass regeneration of this city yet who remain mostly unnoticed by Northern Irish communities outside the realm of architecture. Emphasis is placed upon the architects’ movement and passage, replicating the incidental encounter witnessed in street photography, indicating the subjects’ temporary stay in Belfast. ‘Blueprints: Architects in Transit’ seeks to challenge stereotypical portrayals of migrant workers.

Backdrops of the old shipping docks pay homage to the history and the traditional industries of this city however the unexpected presence of the ‘passing’ architects offers a new energy, reflecting the changing face of Belfast.

The exhibition launches on Thursday 7th May from 5-7pm, and runs until Saturday 16th May.

Polish Cultural Week 2009