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Friday, 10 February 2012

somewhereto_ Share your Vision: A Retrospective

A piece of student work that featured in the presentation.
Last Saturday PLACE held its first student participation event called Share your Vision. The day began with some light refreshments and a brief presentation by some of the PLACE interns and volunteers (Anna Skoura, Gary Potter & Ailish Killilea), giving some insight into the workings of PLACE and some of their own work.

Students participating discussed some of their own projects and interests in the built environment and design. Also present was Mr. Arthur Acheson, of Boyd Partnership and Chair of the Ministerial Advisory Group, who encouraged debate on design and addressed design concerns in Belfast and Northern Ireland. This informal debate led to some interesting thinking and many intriguing discussions.

Share your Vision aims to:
  • provide a platform where student projects can be viewed by the wider public
  • promote discussion about the built environment
  • to offer the PLACE Blog as an outlet for new ideas

Due to the success of the event and PLACE's desire to encourage student discussion on architecture and the built environment, there will be another Share your Vision event coming this space.


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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

My PLACE: Arthur Acheson

In a new series, we ask practitioners, experts and enthusiasts for their take on Northern Ireland's built environment - where are we now, how did we get here, and where are going?

Arthur, you have recently been appointed chair of MAG - what is your vision for Northern Ireland?


1. Just do it - we built great ships here when feasibility studies and economic appraisals would have shown that we had no chance of success.

2. Keep flexible - we are still small enough to take risks.  Commercial companies see us as a great place to experiment before launching programmes across the wider region - if it works here then they know it will work elsewhere.  We must learn from this and try things out ourselves.  I have found people willing to live and work in ways they would not have imagined - the first penthouses ever in Northern Ireland were the most expensive in the block - and the first to sell.  We could have monthly Culture Nights in Belfast for 47 years for the price of new paving in the city centre - and have new paving out of the profits.

3. Keep seeing the bigger picture - there is a world out there where huge numbers of people are living in conditions of poverty which are not imaginable in Northern Ireland.

5. Stop taking ourselves so seriously - nobody else does.

4. There is no number 4 because that would be too orderly

and... nobody listens to me anyway!

Arthur reminds us that his response is a personal statement and does not necessarily represent the views of the MAG or his position as Chair.


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