Monday, 1 June 2015

PLACE Urban Design Academy 2015 | Derry~Londonderry

PLACE is looking for volunteers for its 4th annual Urban Design Academy, taking place this year in Derry~Londonderry from 3-7 August.

We need 4-5 committed individuals with a strong background in the built environment disciplines and a keen interest in education and research.  You will work together as a team in the two-months leading up to the Academy, meeting approximately every two weeks, and will be present for the full week of 3-7 August.

It's full-on, but an amazing experience, especially if you plan to have a career in architecture or urban design, as previous volunteers can testify.

I volunteered to help out at the PLACE Urban Design Academy last summer as I had taken part in it the past two years and, after having completed a year studying architecture at university, I was interested in experiencing the Academy from the other side. I had a really enjoyable week in Craigavon, the best part of the process for me, clichéd as it may sound, was definitely getting to know all the teenagers taking part and seeing them grow in confidence throughout the week. The group I was helping out with built a 1:1 model of a space they all collectively designed and it was so rewarding seeing them all work together as a team and then their pride in the space which they all created. Despite having already studied a year of architecture I definitely felt that I learnt a lot during this week, from Craigavon’s history as a “new town” to how to design successful urban spaces. All the professionals who gave presentations or ran workshops during the Academy were really interesting and gave me a lot of new insight into urbandesign, an area which I’m very much interested in. And so, to anyone considering volunteering at this year’s academy I would definitely recommend giving it a go, I had a really enjoyable week and am looking forward to helping out again this year!
Aisling, Academy Volunteer. 
The PLACE Urban Design Academy was a great opportunity for a group of young people to voice their opinions and ideas for the future of the town of Craigavon, they were given the opportunity to present to members of the council and invited quests from Queens University Belfast.
The students came up with imaginative ideas for the future of the town through different media, Sketching, Model Making, Essays and Mapping, Seeing the way that the students communicated their ideas and their enthusiasm for the subject was the most rewarding part for me, and I am glad I was able to be part of the academy, as well as document the week for the publication.
Volunteering for PLACE and the summer academy is a unique opportunity to be able to mix with professionals in the field as well as members of the public, who may have never really thought about the environment around them before. It is an opportunity to improve your skills in communicating ideas, organisation and even artistic skills as well as a chance to meet new people!
After completing my Architecture degree I decided to volunteer for PLACE. Architecture and place making has always been an interest of mine, and I am always interested in ways for the public to get more involved with Architecture and the environment around them. 
Croina, Academy Volunteer 

Click here to download more information, or contact [email protected] The first volunteer meeting and field trip will take place on Wednesday 15 June.
The Urban Design Academy is a project by PLACE in partnership with Queens University Belfast. It is supported by Walled City Partnership and Void. 

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