Friday, 21 November 2014

RSUA Conservation Site Visit: Sion Mills Stables - 3 December 2014

The Royal Society of Ulster Architects (RSUA) Conservation Committee invite you to visit the Stables at Sion Mills. The site visit will take place on 3rd December 2014, meeting in the Classroom at the Stables at 11am.

The Stables is a B+ listed building which had deteriorated over many years and became the subject of a historic buildings Repairs Notice. When that proved ineffective and the building was at risk of complete loss the NIEA stepped in and vested the Stables. This is the first time compulsory purchase powers have been employed in Northern Ireland to rescue a historic building.

Hearth Revolving Fund, which is the longest-established building preservation trust in the province, had agreed to take the building over in a back-to-back agreement with the DoE, and it then set about raising finance for the restoration of the Stables, which took place in two phases. Despite the severe deterioration of the building it was possible to retain and restore significant elements of historic fabric, but decisions also had to be made about the extent of intervention possible, and the approach to incorporating new elements. The building opened for business in September.

The visit will start with a short history of the project and description of the works, followed by a walk round the building. Coffee will be provided on arrival, and lunch will be available in the restaurant at the Stables.

Please confirm attendance before 28th November by emailing Marcus Patton at [email protected] There will be a charge of £5 payable on arrival. Lunch will be available at the Stables Restaurant afterwards, but booking is advisable as it can be very busy; a menu is available on request.

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