Friday, 7 March 2014

Hand Over The City - Film Screening / Thurs 3 April, 7pm

Francesco Rosi is remembered for his films on Italian corruption. This film centres on the irresistible rise of property speculator Nottola as he makes sure that new public buildings are constructed on his own land.

Hands Over The City.

Released in 1963, ‘Hands over the City’ confirmed Rosi’s stature winning him the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. There was an added attraction, too, for the box office, and for the inveterate movie fan in Rosi: ‘Hands Over The City’ starred a Holywood actor, Rod Steiger.

Hands over the City dramatizes an inquiry, the investigators are members of the Naples City Council, who are set in motion (reluctantly, for the most part) by the collapse of an apartment building in a crowded, working-class alley. Did the building fall down, killing two people, because of unsafe work at an adjacent site? Most of the council members are content to limit their probe to this specific question (having decided in advance that the answer will be no).

Thursday 3rd April, 7pm at the BFF Micro Cinema, Donegall Street, Belfast.

Tickets £5. Part of the Belfast Film Festival 2014.

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