Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Are you an architect who works with colour?

PhD student Pamela Topping, studying at the Faculty of Art, Design, and the Built Environment at University of Ulster, is seeking architects to participate in her research. 

Pamela is researching colour as an experiental element in interior spaces for people with dementia.  Her research is aimed at developing ways of making information about the use of colour in the built environment more accessible to those involved in designing health environments for people with dementia. She will be looking at current practice and approach to colour selection, colour decisions and how practitioners are informed in making final colour decisions for dementia design.
Pamela is hoping to locate architects who have an interest and/or experience in the application of colour in dementia design and who are keen to contribute and advance knowledge in dementia design from a architectural and design perspective.  

If you can be available for individual interview that will last about 30-40 minutes, contact Pamela at [email protected]  

This study has full ethical approval from the University of Ulster; all interviews are confidential with the participants remaining anonymous.  

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