Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Conor Busuttil is a 24 year old Illustrator from County Down. He is passionate about children's picture books as he explains: "I enjoy the many twists and turns the story book can take you, seeking it out as an opportunity to express and release the imagination. I find it hard to find the boundaries of work and pleasure, as both are so closely knit.” Having been accepted for a six month placement with PLACE Conor began working closely with our somewhereto_ project to deliver somewhereto_re:store in Bangor's High Street.

re:store aimed to highlight the opportunities for creative young people to take up vacant space in our town centres - developing skills whilst also bringing activity to the high street. somewhereto_ connected creative young people with a vacant property and encouraged a creative environment in which they could showcase their talents and develop valuable skills. re:store directly addressed the high levels of youth unemployment and vacant retail units across the UK and successfully facilitated a number of youth-led enterprise projects.

Conor believes that “creative young people are a vital part of the social development of any community, from the styles of clothes we wear to the advertising on your cereal box, from the expression of both passion and human emotion to the pictures we educate our children with".

Whilst on placement Conor has developed a new hand-drawn banner for the PLACE blog. Conor's placement has also provided him with an opportunity to develop his own illustration based project. "I am Illustrator" will provide opportunities and a platform for young illustrators like Conor. Experienced illustrators will join with young talent within a vacant retail unit in Belfast city centre for a live drawing event, exhibition and series of public talks.

Conor is currently finalising plans for the project and information will be available at the somewhereto_ NI webpage shortly:

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