Friday, 31 May 2013

Bike Week: Cycling Policy Events | Wed 19 June, Derry~Londonderry & Belfast

Politically Painless Active Travel is a series of two events in Derry~Londonderry and Belfast on Wednesday 19 June, during Bike Week 2013. The events will explore the steps to get more people cycling and walking in Northern Ireland. The events are being organised by CTC, Sustrans, Travelwise and Derry City Council.

Image Credit: David Bunting (Images NI)

Registration is free and both events are open to the public.

Click here to register on the CTC website.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Discover New Talent: UU Art, Design & Architecture Annual Exhibition | Sat 8 - Sat 15 June

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Sustaining Small Island Communities | 31 May 2013

The Irish Scottish Forum for Spatial Planning present "Sustaining Small Island Communities" at Queen's University on Friday 31 May.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The fabric of built heritage - an urban study of Belfast City Centre | Wed 19 June, 12.30, Black Box, Belfast

City centres are dense and intense urban areas. In the last couple of centuries, many city centres have increasingly changed from industrial and residential to commercial and leisure spaces. These changes became more dramatic by the end of the twentieth century, affecting the way we use and perceive urban spaces and the buildings that bind them.

Belfast is no exception, and with the broad process of suburbanization and zoning since the 1970s the city centre has become a space of either retail or abandoned and derelict spaces. Within this process, much significant built heritage has become at risk of dereliction and demolition.
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The conservation and reuse of existing structures as part of an integrated urban environment is only now gaining momentum. Existing and abandoned buildings represent a substantially under-utilised resource, while adaptive reuse could play a pivotal role in the regeneration of the built environment. The combined study of urban morphology and architectural heritage provides an innovative approach to urban design, not only concerned with the preservation of buildings but with a holistic and efficient reuse in the context of streets and public spaces. The project investigates the existing urban fabric of Belfast through surveying and mapping the streets in the city and the buildings that bind them, analysing among others, proportions, materials, urban furniture, mobility and accessibility of both streets and buildings.

Through the study of streets, arcades, the high street and industrial buildings in Belfast City Centre, Erl Johnston, Sara Love, Eoin McKenna and Nicola Woods shed light on the significance of these spaces and structures for the livelihood of the city, while outlining the value of reuse and temporary use of important pieces of the urban fabric.

This lunchtime event will be held in the Black Box Green Room on Wednesday19th June at 12.30pm.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Stroke City Racing Research Workshops | Derry~Londonderry | Sat 18 & Sun 25 May 2013

Stroke City Racing is an exciting workshop led public arts project for the city of Derry-Londonderry and is part of the UK City of Culture 2013 program. It is a two phased project to reveal a Formula 1 racing circuit through the streets of the City of Derry, imaginatively manifesting a socially sited permanent monument which is at once visible and invisible, physical and ephemeral. 

There is a certain kind of monumentality to a race track. They are epics of speed, of space and of scale. They are immense spectacles of concrete and asphalt where legends are born. To enter such an arena is to be given the chance of becoming part of the mythology of the race track itself. To map out such a circuit on the streets of the City of Derry is to provide the opportunity for the spectator to step down from the grandstand and walk of the racing surface itself.

The project will be developed initially through research workshops during the first phase. It will be during these events that the map- ping of a suitable potential circuit will be discussed and elaborated through presentations, walking tours and cartography sessions. These will be attended by artists, engineers and urban designers, as well as motor racing fans, games geeks and other interested parties.

The second phase will take the final route from the research phase and develop this for delivery and distribution to the public. This will firstly take the form of a publication and map which will exist as a formal document officially prescribing the street circuit, a record with the potential to be fully certified. Secondly, (and subject to funding) the circuit will be developed into a fully playable race track for an off-the-shelf console game and will be freely available as downloadable content.

The overall aim of the project is to address and challenge the conception of a public art work. While the project will be essentially realised through ephemeral and virtual means, there will exist a ‘real’ albeit ‘invisible’ racetrack in the city streets permanently exposed to an everyday public. While the project will rely on newly made legacy and myth within the social fabric for its future, the race track itself will become part of the physical fabric and mythology the City of Derry.

The research workshops will be held on Saturday 18 May and Saturday 25 May in city centre venues in Derry-Londonderry. For further information and to reserve your place please email your details to [email protected]. Attendance to both days is essential.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Take Back Belfast Map Project Launches

Take Back Belfast have launched an interactive map of Belfast with points of interest open for contribution from the public and selected individuals and organisations (in the form of monthly featured submissions). The map aims to provide an alternative view of the city for visitors and citizens alike, and provide a platform for us all the share what we love about the city.

The points of interest can be any place in the city that the contributor considers to be overlooked, undervalued or off the beaten tourist trail; perhaps a building with an interesting history, a park with a story attached, or simply, somewhere you like. They can be illustrated with words, images or video. Take Back hope that the map will be used to explore and share an alternative vision of the city.

To view the map or make a submission visit:

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

PLACE Urban Design Charrette | Sat 11 May, 9am - 6pm

The PLACE Urban Design Charette is a multi-disciplinary approach to developing innovative and creative responses to challenging urban design issues. The emphasis is on working as a team to find best-practice solutions to real-world problems. This years site will be at the heart of the Cathedral Quarter and the schemes developed by participants will be judged by an expert panel with wide-ranging experience.

Develop your skills, meet new people, network, gain critical experience and receive expert mentoring.

Urban Design Charrette 2011

"A great opportunity to see the built environment through other’s eyes, and try new ways of approaching design challenges. I gained a deeper understanding of relevant issues and developed new skills."

So if you’re involved in Architecture, Planning, Landscape or a related field, register your place today!

Location: 25 Donegall Street, Belfast

Date: Saturday 11 May 2013

Time: 9am - 6pm

Tickets: £15 per participant, including breakfast and lunch.

Book Online:

(If you'd like to participate but aren't sure if you've got the right background, just contact us to discuss: [email protected])

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