Thursday, 6 June 2013

somewhereto_re:store Bangor | Information evening - Thurs 13 June, 4 - 6pm

somewhereto_ invites you to an infomation evening - on 13 June - to find out more about the 6-week campaign launching in Bangor in July 2013.

The networking event, running from 4- 6pm, will offer a valuable opportunity to network and engage with like-minded people to talk about a campaign with the potential to radically transform the Bangor high street.

somewhereto_ re:store aims to encourage young creative entrepreneurs to address the problem of declining high streets.

The six-week campaign, which commences on the 20th July and runs until the end of August, will strive to bring colour and creativity to high streets UK-wide.

somewhereto_ regional delivery partners in Northern Ireland, PLACE, are focusing on Bangor, delivering a feast of youth-led activities, workshops, exhibitions, performances and showcases to a vacant shop in the town centre.

somewhereto_ wishes to invite and unite youth organisations, partners, volunteers, artists, creative entrepreneurs, independent retailers, and young people from across North Down to meet in the Flagship Shopping Centre on the 13th June to open up a discussion about the aims and ambitions of somewhereto_ re:store and possibilities for creative collaborations and a positive legacy for Bangor and the surrounding areas.

RSVP on our Facebook event page.

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