Tuesday, 18 June 2013

PLACE Prize for Best UnderGrad Dissertation with an Irish topic at the UU Architecture & Design End of Year Show

At the University of Ulster's Architecture & Design End of Year Show on Friday 7th June PLACE were delighted to present Chris McAvoy with a prize recognising his dissertation entitled 'Numinous Experience: The Atmosphere of the Sacred'. The work provided a critical study of Liam McCormick's St. Aengus church. Utilizing Rudolf Otto's theory described in the book 'The Idea of the Holy' Chris was able to convincingly analyse notions of a sacred space instilled in the visitor when entering McCormick's church. The paper excelled in combining a theoretical approach with a critical analysis of a building whilst at the same time testing the validity of the theory.

Credit: Gary Quigg

PLACE would also like to take this opportunity to mention the other dissertations considered. The work ranged from investigations into the development and success of the Maggie Cancer Caring Centres (Caroline Hanson), a study of how Georgian Terraces survived and worked for modern Dublin (Rachel Heaney), a detailed account of the life and work of Architect Sir Charles Lanyon (Rachel Lennon) and consideration of the influence of Andrea Palladio in 18th-century Irish architecture (Jilian Reid).

Credit: Gary Quigg

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