Tuesday, 18 June 2013

PLACE Prize for the Best Belfast Urban Project at UU End of Year Show

At the University of Ulster Architecture & Design End of Year Show on Friday 7th June PLACE were delighted to present Shaun Doherty with the Prize for the Best Belfast Urban Project. 

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Shaun explains his winning project - 'A literary triptych':

"Before I started the main thesis project for my MArch, a number of smaller projects where carried out including the 'Terra Nullius', which was about exploring and making observations of an area without a program or use in mind.

To define my Terra Nullius, I explored the link between the docklands and the city hall. Historically both sectors were essential to the development of the city.
The docklands are significant as it created the birth of Belfast city from exporting and the ship building industry, while the city hall, which was once the site of the white linen hall, created the industry that the city thrived on. The city hall is now the nucleus of Belfast while the Docklands are currently undergoing immense cultural regeneration.

This link over time has disappeared; therefore I found it interesting to investigate this relationship though my Terra Nullius. To explore this area, I reincorporated the literary device from my journey project back into the city to help emphasize the layers of the territory. I was using the device to provoke thought on how we perceive different environments, through our individual experiences and interpretations."

Credit: Shaun Doherty

Shaun's proposal for a European Literature Centre within land bound by High Street, Pottinger's Entry, Church Lane and Ann Street creates an urban triptych dedicated to the spoken word, the written word and the encounter with the book. "Woven into the fabric of the oldest part of the city, the buildings create a literary journey where one experiences the cultures of European literature in turn finding the ability to express their own."

Credit: Shaun Doherty

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