Friday, 12 April 2013

Wednesday's soundwalk now online

Above: Screenshot of Wednesday's soundwalk on

On Wednesday, we hosted a soundwalk with the team from - they led a group of architects, photographers and other curious souls around the city centre.

The results range from binaural recordings to descriptions using text and images. The soundwalk itself - through pedestrian streets, shopping arcades, busy roads and the river - is a great demonstration of just how much our ears tell us about our environment.

Thanks to Pedro Rebelo, Matilde Meireles, Rui Chaves and Aonghus McEvoy for leading the workshop, and thanks to Deirdre Greaney, Barry Cullen, Nicholas Stewart and David Bunting for taking part and listening to Belfast with open ears.

The Belfast Sound Map is an open resource that aims at engaging local communities in capturing everyday sound and hence characterise the soundscape of the city. We encourage not only the submission of sound recordings, but also other forms of experiencing and registering sound, such as text or image. The overall design of this platform facilitates this multiplicity of approaches, while also allowing participants to create their own projects. These are presented as separate, individual layers of recordings within the map. Visit for more info.

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