Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Harnessing Creativity - Call for Creative Practitioners

Call for creative professionals

Creative Labs are groups of creative people, businesses or practitioners working together to develop inspiring new concepts through open- mindedness, experimentation and collaboration. They will enable practitioners from the creative sector to work with each other, or with individuals from other businesses, on collaborative concepts.

The Labs will be facilitated by mentors able to challenge, guide, inspire and advance discussions from idea generation to models for new products, practices or services. Each Lab session will help participants strengthen skills and knowledge, drawing in new ways on personal creativity, collaborating with others, discussing and connecting with emerging market trends, presenting work to potential investors in a compelling way, and finding new applications for their skills and experiences.
A budget of €15,000 will be available to each of the three labs, which will enable the hire of specialist equipment/materials or workspace, supporting the development of new concepts. The concepts and work in progress of participants will be exhibited as part of a high profile Regional Showcase and Tour. A number of concepts will be supported further and become new products or services in the marketplace that generate an income. The work of the labs will be profiled through the Harnessing Creativity website.

Creative Labs are open to artists, designers & makers, film & digital media practitioners, writers, furniture makers, animators, engineers, architects, fashion designers, geographers , photographers and anyone else in the creative sectors based in the region, making the space for them to come together and explore new ways to develop ideas.

Anything can happen ... a model maker and a sound artist create a short film; an illustrator and a textile designer collaborate to develop a brand; an architect and a product designer create contemporary sustainable furniture.

In summary Creative Labs will bring together and offer the following resources:

  • - Facilitated workshops & mentoring to support exploration & collaboration between participants 
  • - Budget to support concept development 
  • - Regional Showcase & touring exhibition of 
  • - Creative Labs concepts 
  • - Links to Network support and Master  classes 
  • - Profiling of all Creative Labs concepts, participants and their work through the 
  • - Harnessing Creativity website 
  • - Product development support
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Dates, times and location

Creative Lab meetings will take place approximately twice per month April-August 2013, in locations convenient for each of the core participating counties, Leitrim, Fermanagh and Tyrone. The exhibition of concepts at Regional Showcase will take place in September 2013.

Locations and venues will be decided upon based on where participants will need to travel from. Meetings may take place in or around Carrick-on-Shannon, Manorhamilton, Enniskillen or Omagh.

How to get involved
Three Creative Labs will run simultaneously, with 10 creative participant places in each. Participants will ideally have at least 2 years of experience as a creative business - micro business or sole trader.

To apply, please provide:

A short CV or one-page professional profile containing three examples of your work (web links or video or image files with brief explanatory texts) and the answers to these questions:

1) Why are you interested in taking part in the Creative Labs 2013?

2) Do you consider your own creative practice (or aspects of it) to be collaborative? If so, how?

3) Have you previously collaborated or co- created in an economic venture? If so, how?

Please send your application by e-mail to [email protected] with the subject heading: HC Creative Labs 2013.

Closing date for applications is 22 April 2013.

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