Saturday, 16 March 2013

Europan 12 Competition Launches March 18th

Europan 12 launches on 18th March 2013 with 16 participating countries. Europan is a call for projects of ideas at the urban and architectural scale, followed by implementations. It is directed at young professionals of architecture and urban design under 40 years of age and with a European degree or working in Europe.

A series of urban sites across Europe, with programme briefs, are proposed to competitors who then chose the site(s) on which they wish to submit their proposal(s).

Europan 12.

 In each country a national jury judges the projects and the Europan Scientific Committee then compares and analyses the projects together on a European level, launching the debate between the sites representatives and the jury members during a Forum. Finally, the national jury meets a second time to make the final decision of the winning teams.

Prize-winning teams are then helped by the Europan organisers to secure
commissions to be implemented. After the announcement of the results, meetings are or- ganised for each site with the city representatives, the juries and the winning teams.

Prize-winning proposals are exhibited and published on a national level. On a European scale, a results catalogue is published and an inter-sessions meeting is organised to gather the rewarded teams, the sites representatives, the juries and the organisers to discuss the results.

Visit from Monday 18th March 2013 for more information and the theme of Europan 12.

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