Friday, 22 February 2013

Belfast Service Jam: Fri 1 - Sun 3 March

PLACE Volunteer Tiago Picão


Belfast is hosting a leg from the Global Service Jam for the first time! And its free!

What happens at a Jam?

People interested in creative problem solving get together and jam on their ideas over a weekend and then share them with the world.

Once the top secret theme for the jam is revealed, ideas will be pitched and teams formed around those ideas. We will have lots of great mentors on hand to help shape your ideas and suggest areas for exploration or prototyping.

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I need a wee bit more convincing...

Creative types can over analyze problems. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but sharing ideas and exploring their potential with others is where the magic happens. Together with your team, you’ll build something that you couldn't have done alone.

We’re trying to focus on doing.
By Sunday afternoon you could have a whole new perspective on how you approach work and contribute to a team. We think that’s pretty sweet.

I am an Architect / Planner. Is this for me?
This is for everyone! Still, as an Architect / Planner, you will always be performing a service to someone that wants to build or create something. Why not try to think about ways to improve how that service is delivered, how to involve your clients or stakeholders in the process?

Where is it happening?
Rumble Labs are opening their Cathedral Quarter studio up for us to use. We’re going to be close by to some great cultural and entertainment venues, should you need inspiration.

I want to go!
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