Monday, 7 January 2013

Shutter Scape | Culture Night Belfast 2012

"Shutter Scape was an event by Seedhead Arts and Artist This MeansNothing with an aim to tackle the problem of the dying city centre by utilising Belfast’s rich history of public and mural art in a more contemporary manner. As part of Culture Night 2012, Street Artists from all over Ireland were invited to paint on various vandalised walls and shutters in North Street and interact with the public who were there for the wide range of events on the evening. The project proved to be very successful in giving artists space and time to create some excellent murals as well as helping improve the aesthetics of an otherwise drab and run down part of Belfast. The organisers of the event now plan on staging a larger scale event in the near future that hopes to make a much larger impact on the city centre."

An example of the artwork created by Shutter Scape.

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