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My View: Titanic Quarter - Part 2 out of 2 | Jamie Stirrat

During one week in January at PLACE we hosted Belfast High student Jamie Stirrat as he completed his week of school work experience. At the time Jamie was studying for his A-Levels with a view to studying Architecture at University. During the week on the PLACE Blog Jamie presented his thoughts on our local built environment.

In Jamie's second article he examined the Titanic Quarter to assess how successful it has been as a tourist destination.

Jamie Stirrat

The Titanic quarter has certainly provided a facelift for this area of Belfast, but is it a good tourist destination? In this blog post I will the Titanic Quarter as a tourist destination.

What hotels are you able to stay in within the Titanic Quarter? Currently only one, the Premier Inn. This is unfortunate as it does not provide the range of choice that tourists require. Looking ahead there is outline planning permission secured for four more hotels providing an extra 750 rooms between 3 - 5 star ratings.

Transport within and to the area is very good in my opinion, as there are train, bus, cycling and walking connections. I believe that not only is the Titanic Quarter an architecturally beautiful place, but it is also a great tourist destination.

In this two part discussion, I have explored the architecture and the tourist offering within the Titanic Quarter. What of the future for Titanic Quarter - Is this the climax of the development?

No,  the Titanic Quarter has many plans to expand and improve the area by developing more residential and employment opportunities, hotels and leisure facilities. With the many improvements still to come I believe the Titanic Quarter will not only be seen as a top destination in Belfast, but as a top destination in Northern Ireland and further afield.

 Titanic Quarter Overview.

This concludes 'My View' on the Titanic Quarter and my work experience at PLACE. It has been great writing a blog for the first time and I've had a great week. I really hope you enjoyed reading my view on the Titanic Quarter and hopefully I've managed to get you to think about your own view a little more!

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