Thursday, 3 January 2013

Citizen Urbanism in action? Belfast tree granted protection

Citizen Urbanism in action?

As Roads Service arrived at Glastonbury Avenue just before Christmas to remove one of Belfast's oldest and tallest trees a number of local residents quickly moved to prevent the trees removal.

Now the 150 year old, 40 foot beech tree in the north of the city has been granted a Tree Preservation Order by Environment Minister Alex Attwood.

The beech tree at the corner of Glastonbury Avenue and Antrim Road.
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PLACE's Citizen Urbanists exhibition continues until Saturday 2nd February. More information.

What kind of city do you want to see? PLACE seeks to encourage citizens to take an active role in improving their built environment. In a digitally super-connected era, what are the new opportunities for citizens to challenge the status quo, to highlight the projects they support and question those they don’t? Through the theme of movement, we will explore some of the current major projects in Belfast and actively seek public opinion on movement through the city.

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