Friday, 10 August 2012

PLACE Urban Design Summer School Day Two | Urban Planning & Tours

The PLACE Urban Design Summer School is a week long event for 14 - 20 years olds to explore architecture, design, public art, sketching, photography, urban history and more! The week offers the 27 young people registered a chance to learn about the built environment through exciting workshops, fascinating tours and more!

The Summer School is a part of 'out of PLACE' in Ireland's tallest building, The Obel. With support from Karl Group and McConnell Property PLACE are occupying the ground floor with fantastic views over-looking the River Lagan until September. Out of PLACE will also host the 'Secret Laboratories' exhibition and the 'RSUA President's Medal: The Shortlist' exhibition.

Let's see what everyone got up to on day two with a particular focus on Urban Planning...

Day Two | Urban Planning

Getting things started on day two was Planner and PLACE Chairman Bill Morrison. Bill provided an excellent overview of urban planning in Belfast from the 'Housing Renewal' of the 1980's to the 'Titanic Quarter Vision' of the current decade. 

PLACE Chairman and Town Planner Bill Morrison
presents an history of planning in Belfast.
Photo by Gary Potter.

Mark Hackett, Forum for Alternative Belfast explains the work
of Forum and highlights the Six Links project.
Photo by Gary Potter.

Following a site analysis of the land bound by the M3 Lagan Bridge, River Lagan, Clarendon Dock and Corporation Street the summer school teams got down to business! Sketching out ideas, noting the sites attributes and potential and forming a vision for the area.

Team Contemplace Architecture. Photo by Gary Potter.

Team Phoenix. Photo by Gary Potter.

Team Gaudi. Photo by Gary Potter.

The Summer School also enjoyed a tour of the city centre during the day courtesy of's Gary Potter. The tour provided an insight into the history of Belfast, an introduction to Belfast's architectural styles and urban design issues and a host of quirky, odd facts along the way!

Gary Potter of leads the Summer School
on a walking tour of Belfast. Photo by Ollie Watts.

The third tour of the day, courtesy of the Lagan Boat Company, provided history of Belfast's maritime development and highlighted the landmarks from the Obel to the Thompson Pumphouse further along the lough. 

On our return to the Obel a brief discussion surrounding the Titanic Quarter provided a lively debate and led to the question 'what is Belfast missing?'. Posing this question resulted in some revealing post-it notes...

"Belfast is missing a..." Photo by Sarah Jones.

"Belfast is missing a..." Photo by Sarah Jones.

"Belfast is missing a..." Photo by Sarah Jones.

"Belfast is missing a..." Photo by Sarah Jones.

"Belfast is missing a..." Photo by Sarah Jones.

"Belfast is missing a..." Photo by Sarah Jones.

"Belfast is missing a..." Photo by Sarah Jones.

To end the day each team presented their vision for the study area near the Obel. Bill Morrison and Chris Bryson gathered up all the notes, sketches and maps from each team to present a collaborative vision to be presented on the final day of the Summer School. 

Discussing some of the issues effecting the built environment.
Photo by Sarah Jones.

 Each team outlined their vision to Planner and PLACE
Chairman Bill Morrison. Photo by Sarah Jones.

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