Tuesday, 8 May 2012

CQAF Event: Oscar Niemeyer: A Vida e um Sopro (Life is a Brief Moment) | Tues 8 May 6pm

As part of the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival the film "A Vida e um Sopro" (Life is a Brief Moment) will be screened at the Dark Horse. A panel discussion chaired by Forum for Alternative Belfast will follow the film. (Supported by the British Council). 

“From a single stroke architecture is born; and when it is a beautiful and resonating stroke, it can reach, if well developed, the superior status of a work of art. It is not the right angle which attracts me - hard, inflexible, created by man. What attracts me is that curved line, which is sensual and free. The kind of curve which I find in the mountains of my country, in the woman I love, in the clouds and on the waves of the sea. The entire universe is made of curves. Einstein’s universe is curved.” 
Oscar Niemeyer

At the age of 104 Oscar Niemeyer is the last of the great architects of his generation. His buildings tend towards the formal and monumental, sometimes at odds with his socialist principles. A Vida e um sopro is a documentary about his life and work. In the film Niemeyer talks candidly about how his most celebrated projects were conceived - amongst them BrasĂ­lia, the French Communist Party headquarters and Mondadori Publishers in Milan. He expresses his views on politics, friends, women and Brazil and talks passionately about the need for innovation and creativity, which he considers vital in architecture today.
Venue: The Dark Horse
Date: Tues 8 May
Time: 6pm
Cost: £4

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