Saturday, 21 January 2012

PLACE Bookshop: Seven Donegal Churches

Liam McCormick: Seven Donegal Churches by Carole Pollard
Back in stock in the PLACE Bookshop we have Carole Pollard's compendium Liam McCormick: Seven Donegal Churches.

The set of books comprises one book on each of the seven churches and an eighth volume which describes McCormick's career during that period and provides biographies of the artists who collaborated with him on the churches.

Each of the eight books contains an essay by contributors: Catherine Croft, Marianne O'Kane Boal, William Cumming, John Graby, Paul Larmour, Angela Rolfe, Joy McCormick and Shane O'Toole. The books are available as a set, enclosed in a specially designed slipcase.

Published by Gandon Editions. Now available at PLACE for £27.50.

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