Thursday, 19 January 2012

Art on Chairs International Design Competition

It's architecture you can sit on! Some of the greatest architects known didn't just stop at building skyscrapers, they went on to design the finer details to the highest design spec. Take Frank Llyod Wright's 'Barrel Chair' that he design in 1937 for Herbert Johnson's house.

The Barrel Chair, Frank Llyod Wright. (Photo by

For the attention of all architecture and design students/professionals (not necessarily in that order) who are passionate about innovative and good design, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

The Paredes Furniture Design Pole, in association with ID+ (Institute for Design, Media and Culture Research), have launched a global competition called the Art on Chairs International Design Contest. The jury will be made up by internationally renowned specialists who with pick 9 winning designs for prototype, which will be the foundation of the exhibition, 'An idea for the world on a chair', to be held in September 14th - November 11th 2012.

In the companies words: the chair is the chosen object, wood is the raw material, innovation is the objective. The competition is open to three different categories: making chairs, imagining chairs, sustaining chairs. Closing date is the 31st January 2012 and entries may be submitted through their website. As well as your work being sown in a global exhibition, winning prizes will be awarded generous cash prizes.

The international company stress the idea that design does have a real impact upon peoples' quality of life, while acknowledging that excellence in design has no borders.

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