Saturday, 5 November 2011

PLACE Student Design Charrette 2011: Getting started

Our 3 teams have received their briefs and are hard at work assessing the site and coming up with their proposals. We have students and recent graduates from Architecture, Planning, Urban Design and Culture & Cognition.
Students at work at this year's Student Design Charrette at PLACE.

I spoke to Tara Florence of ARD Ciaran Mackel Architects, our partners in the Charrette, to explain the project brief:
PLACE Student Charrette 2011: North Street void (mp3)

We also discussed the potential for North Street and what the students might come up with in today's workshop.
PLACE Student Charrette 2011: What does North Street need? (mp3)

Stay tuned: the Charrette continues today, with pin-up at 4.45!

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