Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Past in the Present: National Maintenance Week

In this new series, The Past in the Present, we explore how the historic urban character of a city can be part of a dynamic and continually evolving contemporary society, with an aim to spark debate on the topic of conservation and heritage in our cities and further afield.

Series Curated by Ailish Killilea & Anna Skoura

National Maintenance Week. Image via UAHS.

Building maintenance and upkeep plays a key role in the preservation of our historic buildings and heritage. Next week, November 18th - 25th, is 'National Maintenance Week' and aims to highlight this matter.

Preventative measures such as maintenance is beneficial in more ways than one; keeps building costs down, increases the building's potential, enhances features and demonstrates pride in the area. This applies to all buildings, historic and modern, in order to avoid costly damage in the future.

The leaves have fallen and no, they have not flown to sunnier climes, they could very well be filling your gutters and gullies! Something the Ulster Architecture Heritage Society (UAHS) and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) are highlighting over the next week. Find out how you can maintain your property with tops tips from the UAHS.

Look after your building and it will look after you.

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