Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Belfast City Council Disability Event - 2nd Dec 2011

Image courtesy Belfast City Council
The Chair of Belfast City Council’s Disability Access Group, and Disability Champion, Andrew Hassard, would like to invite interested persons to the 2011 Belfast City Council Annual Disability Event which will take place on Friday 2 December 2011 at 10am in the Banqueting Hall, City Hall.

Please note the event is strictly by booking only: contact Marie Jordan at [email protected] by 25th November to book a place.

The event will coincide with ‘International Day of Persons with Disabilities’ and the theme this year will be “Together for a better world for all: including persons with disabilities in development”. The event will include an overview of the following:
- "Designing a visible city for visually impaired users - breaking the barriers of disabling architecture"
- Belfast City Council’s disability action plan
- The development of Belfast City Council’s new Therapy Garden at Musgrave Park
- Waterfront & Ulster Halls works on achieving the ‘Arts & Disabilities Award'
- Employers for Disability NI - support to employers of people with disabilities

Keynote presentation: Designing a visible city for visually impaired users
This presentation, based on the PhD findings of Dr Robert White, provides an insight into the current barriers inherent to the design of urban environments for people with different types and degree of visual field loss. The research topic stems from Robert's own personal experience as an architect coping with sight loss, in addition to a substantial predicted increase in visual impairment prevalence across the UK. The presentation covers six main themes as outlined below:

- Visual impairment prevalence & future predictions
- Legislation & guidelines
- Nationwide survey of visually impaired pedestrians highlighting problematic areas of street design
- Access audit of Glasgow city centre providing an illustration of the number and type of hazards present within a typical city centre environment
- Navigational experiments between two specified locations within Glasgow city centre, which situate the problem through comparison of experiences between visually impaired and fully sighted cases
- Street Hazard Rating Calculation, which measures both the adequacy of mandatory regulations and the extent to which best practice guidelines are adopted by local authorities
- Enhanced design guidelines for the creation of visually impaired friendly street design, based on the findings from the 4-year research project

Please note the event is strictly by booking only: contact Marie Jordan at [email protected] by 25th November to book a place.

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