Thursday, 13 October 2011

Reconnecting the City: Design Workshop for Harbour Square in Derry ~ Londonderry

On 9th June 2011 PLACE, in association with ILEX, University of Ulster, DoE, DRD, DSD, Derry City Council and Translink, delivered a one-day design workshop to collaboratively explore options for improving the area around Harbour Square in Derry~Londonderry. Harbour Square is a major civic space where the interest and influence of all stakeholders overlap. The intention of the workshop was to provide a forum for the main stakeholders to work together to discuss, share ideas and possibly create temporary interventions to develop, protect and enhance this place.

Sketches from the Harbour Square design workshop. Photo by Gary Potter

At the event Aideen McGinley (ILEX) commented: "This model of collaborative thinking can very quickly change the city and set the pace leading into 2013”

The event was a huge success in collaborative thinking and within a few weeks some interventions had already taken place as a direct result of discussions held at the workshop. Unnecessary road signage was removed and a new pathway linking to Guildhall Street from the Peace Bridge was implemented.

A new path connects Guildhall Street with the crossing point
to the Peace Bridge were the cars are parked in this photo.
Photo by Gary Potter.

Going forward the key stakeholders will continue to work together to prepare Derry for the City of Culture year and build upon the lasting benefits that 2013 will provide for the city.

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