Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Conference 2nd March: Creative Industries Innovation

It’s our final conference in the series and it’s free for everyone!

Date: Wed 2nd March
Time: 9am - 4pm
Venue: Sonic Arts Research Centre
Cost: Free! Book now.

The final conference looks at the broader picture of the creative industries in Northern Ireland, and their impact on the wider stage. We explore the imaginative work of businesses and individuals active in NI, the crossovers between the different creative industries, the knock-on effects for other industries, and what can be done to foster a culture of creative work in Northern Ireland.

Image via Flickr user Andy McMillan


In the lead up to the final conference next week we will be taking a look at a different speaker each day on the PLACE blog. Each day until the 2 March we’ll provide a brief biography of the selected speaker. As the venue for the conference is the fantastic Sonic Arts Research Centre [SARC] we felt it was fitting to start our biography series with Pedro Rebelo, SARC Director of Research, who will be speaking on the 2 March. 

Biography One: Pedro Rebelo, SARC Director of Research


Pedro has been awarded a PhD in composition from the University of Edinburgh and is currently Director of Research at the Sonic Arts Research Centre and Chair of the Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music.

Pedro is a composer/digital artist working in electroacoustic music, digital media and installation. His approach to music making is informed by the use of improvisation and interdisciplinary structures. He has been involved in several collaborative projects with visual artists and has created a large body of work exploring the relationships between architecture and music in creating interactive performance and installation environments. This includes a series of commissioned pieces for soloists and live-electronics which take as a basis the interpretation of specific acoustic spaces. In the duo laut with saxophonist Franziska Schroeder he investigates the extension of interfaces and control in interactive performance practices. His electroacoustic music is featured in various CD sets (Sonic Circuits IV, Discontact III, Exploratory Music from Portugal, ARiADA). His audio-visual work "lautomata.3" has recently been awarded the Special Recognition prize from the CynetArt Festival, Dresden.

Pedro conducts research in the field of digital media, interactive sound and composition. His writings reflect his approach to design and composition by articulating creative practice in a wider understanding of cultural theory.

More about Pedro Rebelo and the Sonic Arts Research Centre:

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