Saturday, 13 November 2010

Creativity and innovation to provide the sustainable solutions of tomorrow

Minister for Culture, Arts and Leisure Nelson McCausland, with PLACE Chair Bill Morrison and PLACE Director Michael Hegarty, at the Creativity and Housing Conference at Belmont Tower, Wed 10th November. Photo by Robin Cordiner.
Creative collaborations and a focus on sustainability can tackle the economic, social and environmental challenges facing Northern Ireland.

This was the message delivered by the Culture Minister Nelson McCausland and the Environment Minister Edwin Poots at the launch of a conference series on Creativity and Innovation in the Northern Ireland Construction Industry.

Speaking at the event, Minister McCausland said: “The key priority for government in Northern Ireland is to rebuild and rebalance the economy in a way that promotes sustainable economic growth.

“Creativity involves the generation of new ideas and new ways of doing things. Innovation is the successful exploitation of these new ideas. Collaborations and partnerships between business, government and academia can spark the creative ideas that lead to innovative solutions to challenges facing the construction industry and indeed those facing Northern Ireland”.

The conference series has been organised by PLACE, Northern Ireland’s Architecture and Built Environment Centre, to stimulate creative thinking and innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the region’s construction industry.

Minister Poots said: "I believe that creativity and innovation are at the heart of sustainable development. I am committed to building solutions that support sustainable development, and am eager to promote innovation and creativity, particularly in the design of new housing where this will allow individuals to reduce their carbon footprint, and collectively, assist in meeting Northern Ireland's targets for carbon reduction".

Architect and Director of PLACE, Michael Hegarty said: "We are delighted that DCAL are supporting creativity and innovation in the Northern Ireland Economy. Architects and others in the construction industry have been among the hardest hit in the recession and the commitment from Government to support innovative design and sustainability is very welcome. The growth of the private sector in Northern Ireland will require fresh thinking based on our established economic base and architects and the construction industry generally are rising to that challenge."


- "Creativity and Innovation in the Northern Ireland Construction Industry" is a series of three conferences organised by PLACE with support from DCAL

- Each conference deals with a different theme: Creativity and Housing (10th Nov), Construction Material Innovation and Creative Industry Innovation

- The series continues in the new year

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