Saturday, 10 July 2010

Paint by Numbers Week 1: Miguel Martin's Meat Street

Miguel and his public collaborators had a lot of fun this week!

Miguel's completed outline:

The eager public gets to work:

Miguel Martin outside the out of PLACE shop unit, with members of the public putting their own stamp on his Paint by Numbers piece:

Next up to the drawing board:

Tues 13th - Sat 17th July, 10am-4pm
Ryan O'Reilly's Day or Night
In an ongoing project called 'Day or Night', Ryan has been documenting and creating work inspired by remnants of signage and typography found amongst the redevelopment of the city. For 'Paint by Numbers', Ryan will invite visitors to explore the variety of lettering and geometric patterns to be found in our urban environment and create a collaborative collage based on these forms and fragments.

Public launch: Thurs 15th July, 5-7pm

RSVP via the Facebook event here

Or find out more on the PLACE Homepage:


Mon 19th - Sat 24th July, 10am-4pm
Eva McDermott's Home
The beating heart of Belfast isn’t City Hall, the Cathedral Quarter, Victoria Square; it lies in the rows and rows of red brick terraces that fan out across Belfast, housing the lifeblood that animates the city. Each home is different. It can be just bricks and stone or a welcome refuge. It can provide shelter, protection and security. It can be so empty. It can be a place to belong or a place to leave. This image will look behind closed doors.

Public launch: Thurs 22nd July, 5-7pm


Paint by Numbers is part of trans urban arts festival 2010:

out of PLACE: a vacant shop unit transformed into a hub for architecture events with children’s workshops, panel discussions and walking tours, as well as music, art installations, and more this summer!

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