Thursday, 29 July 2010

FAB Summer School 2010

16th - 20th AUGUST

Talkoot - in Finnish, a gathering of neighbours working together to build or repair

Barn raising was a tradition in the short growing season of Finland* and the American Midwest. In the 2010 Summer School Forum endeavors to apply the notion of the Finnish Talkoot to urban issues. Last year the FAB Summer School gathered 50 people to map the vacant areas of the central- city of Belfast; this is the first time this had ever been
methodically undertaken.. In January the ʻMissing Cityʼ map was published. It effectively presented a condition report for Belfast that sets out quite starkly the need to fill up our city.

This year we want to gather together all those people that will and should inform the development of the north central city.. This area is arguably the most fractured in our city, but it also has a large number of ongoing current projects. - These projects, if brought together in a coherent vision could transform this landscape within the next ten years.

We are asking people from each of the relevant sectors to come together over 5 days in mid August. This would involve taking time out from daily work to collaborate in a creative process that can potentially allow participants to gain new ideas, generate solutions and build new relationships with their adjacent partners in urban renewal. Contributors can participate without necessarily committing their respective agencies to the details of the final outcomes.

The project also has the potential to demonstrate how collaborative regeneration could work if professionals and others from separate agencies and groups can act together to ensure that ʻthe the whole is greater (and more creative) than the sum of the partsʼ. This would mirror the Total Place pilot in England. Our ambition is to demonstrate the value of critical process and to show how strategic projects can reinforce each other for significant economic and social benefit.

Fee for week £50 waged - organisation /£25 Students
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