Thursday, 29 April 2010

RTPI - Movement Matters - 27th May

The RTPI present their Movement Matters conference at Ebrington on 27th May.

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The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment publication “Sustainable Cities” 2009 identified transportation as a key hallmark of a Sustainable City and identified that:
"there is an absolute priority to integrate transport and planning in urban areas, to reduce the need to travel".

Achieving this reduction requires decisions on planning and transportation to be integrated:
“A mix of uses - residential, business and entertainment - together with sufficient, suitable densities, is vital to ensure adequate demand for public transport service. Making a car unnecessary should be a primary consideration in choosing or permitting development of any given site.”

This Conference will examine the key challenges in achieving sustainable transportation and its impact on place making. It will look at the political, cultural, strategic, physical and financial issues to be addressed and will draw on case studies and experience elsewhere.

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