Monday, 26 April 2010

Future of Housing Symposium

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University of Ulster will host a half day Symposium on Friday 21st May, examining the future challenges and opportunities facing the housing association sector locally.

Held at the University of Ulster’s Jordanstown campus, this event will provide an open forum discussion among all the key stakeholders involved in social housing development and management. It will cover the following themes:

· Assessment of the impact of reduced public expenditure on the Social Housing Development and Supporting People programmes

· The challenges and opportunities of enhanced partnership working for housing development and management; including procurement and mergers

· The need for an effective approach to governance and regulation, based on a framework that is effective; proportionate; outcome focused; risked based and manageable for all parties

· Consideration of new delivery mechanisms for affordable housing (e.g. developer contribution; private sector leasing; opening up competition for Housing Association Grant) and the culture change that this requires

· Exploring the potential of housing associations providing mixed tenure through ‘build for sale’ initiatives, and regeneration aimed at tacking spatial deprivation

· Discussion on the need for reform of the allocations framework and Shared Future housing

Confirmed speakers include:

Heather Cousins - DSD

Simon Hamilton - Chair of the Social Development Committee

Richard Clark - ConsultCIH

Ian Elliott - Oaklee Housing

Paddy McIntyre - NIHE

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