Sunday, 14 March 2010

"We un-built the city"

Above: Image of Berry Street by Michael Comiskey on Flickr

From yesterday's Irish Times, Fionola Meredith talks to Mark Hackett and Declan Hill about the work of the Forum for Alternative Belfast.

Irish Times: Another Belfast is imagined (13/03/2010)

You can pick up a copy of The Missing City map for free at PLACE.

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Forum for Alternative Belfast
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Slugger O'Toole: May the Lord in his mercy be kind to Belfast

Meanwhile, Alan in Belfast talks to Niall McCullough, whose work is part of the Lives of Spaces at OBG: "McCullough pointed out that it was unusual for him as an architect to return to a building once it was in use. By having to sit in the library to think about the project, he’d discovered and come to terms with elements of his design that had worked, and elements that had been less successful".

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