Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Prisoner and Change of Address at the 10th Belfast Film Festival

News from the Belfast Film Festival:

10th Belfast Film Festival in Partnership with Ulster Architectural Heritage Society & the Forum for Alternative Belfast present...

The Prisoner
First Church of Christ, Scientist
2 - 4 University Avenue, Belfast
Thursday 29 April
Doors 8.00pm - event starts at 8.30pm

So you might ask yourself, why are we screening the classic TV show The Prisoner in a Church in Belfast?

The architect Clough Williams-Ellis designed the First Church of Christ, Scientist in Belfast, which was built in 1936-7. But his work in the village of Portmeirion in Wales is well known in popular culture as it was used as the set for the cult 1960’s TV show The Prisoner.

We will be showing a classic episode of the series and afterwards there will be a talk about Clough Williams-Ellis’ work and the importance of architectural heritage in Belfast.

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Change of Address
The Spectrum Centre - Shankill Road
Thursday 22 April
£4.50 & £4.00

This documentary made in 1975 by BBC Northern Ireland follows the housing problems in Belfast and the proposed development of the Belfast Urban Motorway. The Belfast Urban Motorway was the name given to an ambitious scheme to build a continuous free-flow motorway around the city centre. For various reasons the scheme never went ahead.

The Documentary looks at the problems of the Divis flats development on the Falls Road and the difficulty of the living environment. It also looks at the depopulation of the Shankill Road as people moved to the outskirts of the city to housing schemes such as Springmartin. People talk about the difficulty of this move because of the poor conditions and isolation from their original communities.

Following the screening, Jackie Redpath alongside Declan Hill and Mark Hackett (Forum for Alternative Belfast) will talk about the issues raised in the film.

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