Tuesday, 6 October 2009

James Hughes Competition winner

Congratulations to Niamh Madden from Co. Offaly - James Hughes has chosen her as the winner of a print from his Spectres of Place exhibition for the best comment in the book during the show - her comment is below...

Sometimes, when dust settles and cobwebs slowly creep across walls, we are reminded of how much the fragments of our lives can be reflected in objects. The dull and mute tones of several pieces in this collection are fascinating, because they show moments of nil reflection - the bike light no longer shines, the stove is matte and tarnished. Jesus looks out through once-polished glass.

These moments evoke in me a sense of hope - no longer can we see ourselves in the shined and polished surfaces, but our lives can be immortalised and reconstructed through objects left behind. Thanks to James for taking me out of myself for ten minutes of brief, but meaningful and optimistic thought.

PLACE Archives: James Hughes - Spectres of Place

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