Monday, 11 May 2009

Fondation Le Corbusier: Grant for Young Researcher

"For the coming academic year 2009-10, the Fondation Le Corbusier will attribute one grant to a young researcher wishing to devote his/her studies to Le Corbusier's work. The research proposals should concern primarily the aspects of his work that have not been the subject of sufficient in-depth research, or, in the case of areas already studied, propose an original approach (multi-disciplinary, comparative, transverse, etc.). All of the aspects of Le Corbusier's work are acceptable as research subjects: building works, unrealized architectural or urban projects, furniture, the plastic arts - painting, drawing, tapestry, exhibitions, etc. - writings (published or not); biographical research contributing to an understanding of the man and his work may also be proposed. Applicants must be young (maximum age 35), working toward a master's or postgraduate degree (fine arts,
architecture, history, urbanism, art history, law, etc.), and preferably working in a research laboratory or similar scientific facility.

Applications should be received by June 30, 2009."

Info: Fondation Le Corbusier

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