Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Alan in Belfast at the Lives of Spaces

L-R: Ruth Morrow, Chair of PLACE; Hugh Campbell, UCD; Nathalie Weadick, Irish Architecture Foundation; Foreground: Pizza!
Picture from Alan in Belfast

Missed this when it was first posted, but Alan in Belfast has some commentary on the PLACE Lives of Spaces event at the Belfast Film Festival earlier in the month, together with some pictures of our guests happily munching on pizza.
"Overall it was a celebration of the communities that constructions support. Not about the pure beauty of the architectural form, but the opportunities and potential unlocked. And it made me think about the parallel tendency in the world of IT architecture to fall back on basic static designs (with lots of rectangular boxes and lines between them to represent the systems and interfaces), forgetting that it’s all about the people using the solutions and the opportunities and potential unlocked."

Do keep an eye on Alan's blog - it features musings on all sorts of Belfast cultural topics. As he puts it himself, it's "comment on cinema, books, technology, and the occasional rant about life".

Blog: Alan in Belfast

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